Back to the Future

I said a year ago that the third time is the charm and indeed it was. New website, new blog and everything running smoothly.  However in the same article I also mentioned that this “new” adventure would not be a walk in the park. I knew from the beginning obstacles would arise and so the difference between the will and the way would be more or less noticeable.

So, after a series of successful articles and videos, a too busy agenda has made me postpone the publication of new content, at least until now. But this situation turned out to be positive since in that period I had the opportunity to prepare the most diverse material that will now see the light of day on a regular basis.

This pause also allowed me to make a better integration of my blog with the reality of my subscribers. Among other small adjustments I would like to point out that from now on all articles will be available in Portuguese and English. Just select the desired language in the sidebar of each published article. These articles will continue to be more practical and the resources created in them will be made available for free whenever this proves pertinent.

So let me say this is a return to the goals of the past with the eyes set on the future. The invitation maintains because this trip is to be made with friends. Join me and see you soon…

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